The Health Hazards of Colorado Springs Mouse Urine

With their capacity to squeeze their body on tiny openings and their ability to keep their balance even on the thin wire, it won’t be surprising to find them inside our house. They will establish their nest in the warm and dark areas of our home. Once they do, the mice waste product will start to accumulate. The presence of the droppings and the urine of the mice are dangerous to humans. The mice are possible carriers of virus and pathogens that can be transmitted to humans. Mice urine may smell gross however, they are not toxic.

Health Risks Associated with the Urine of the Colorado Springs Mouse

Mice are possible carrier of parasites and diseases. Their urine can contain bacteria that can cause Leptospirosis. Once your house was invaded by a colony of Colorado Springs mice, expect that some of your personal belongings will be contaminated with the urine of the mouse without being aware of it. Your cupboard or your favorite cutting board may already be stained with their urine that can increase the probability of disease transmission.Aside from the life threatening Leptospirosis, there is also the chance that you can contract Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis according to USCDCP. Accidentally inhaling the dust that is contaminated by urine or the droppings of the mice will cause that. This is a highly viral infection where the host will experience nausea, headache, poor appetite, and fever. If the patient failed to receive the necessary medical assistance, the disease can progress to a neurological illness that will directly target the central nervous system. According to the reports, at least 5% of the mice population will carry the virus.

Cleaning Up the Urine of the Mice
Most of us do not want to do the dirty work of cleaning the mess especially if it presents a health risks. If you are lucky to hire the service of a professional wildlife removal company, they can also provide a range of services related with the aftermath of the infestation. For instance, some of them can seal the entry holes of the creatures; they can also do the clean-up which most of us abhor. However, if you are ready to face this arduous task, start by wearing gears that will protect you against the microorganisms that cause diseases.After that, open the windows to invite the fresh air inside. Mix one portion of bleach, one portion of liquid detergent, to the two portion of water and place them inside the spray bottle. Start spraying the feces and the urine marks and leave it for at least 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, begin scrubbing the urine marks and you should be able to get rid of them. You may also use baking soda for the persistent marks.Having a connection with the professionals that can deliver an outstanding result for your mice infestation is necessary to ensure that your family will stay healthy and your house will remain safe. Before hiring the service of the wildlife removal expert, be sure to ask them the range of services they provide.

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