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We are Colorado Springs Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Colorado Springs, CO. No matter the time of day that you discover an issue with wildlife on your property, our team will be there to help. Because we are one of the biggest companies for wildlife control within the area, our staffing lets us have a technician in various service areas. This helps us make same-day appointments in many cases, with the rest typically being for the next day. If an emergency arises and you need immediate wildlife removal, we will make you a priority and can provide assistance 24/7. No matter the time of day you call, our friendly and informative staff will be here to answer the phone and your questions, as well as get a technician to your property as soon as possible. We are also happy to give you wildlife control advice over the phone if we feel that your problem could be resolved on your own. This advice is completely free as a service to our community. We can also give you a free estimate with a ballpark figure when you call us over the phone. Before we start the wildlife removal process, we will also provide you with a written estimate. We pride ourselves on competitive prices with the highest-quality service and results. Call us now at 719-387-5888 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Our Service Range

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Colorado Springs Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: The Natural Predators of Skunks

Colorado Spring skunks have distinct white stripes and a unique defense mechanism. However, the pungent odor that they release will be ineffective against a hungry predator. The animals that will hunt them may attack the poor creature by surprise and they will not have enough time to release their spray. There are times that they will be impervious to the stench of the skunk’s spray.

What Animals Eat Colorado Springs Skunks?
Once they were threatened by the predators, the skunk will release their spray to protect themselves from the attacks. It has the terrible stench of the chemical that may cause temporary blindness. Due to their spray, not a lot of animals will think about eating them. Here are some of those fearless predators.

The Predators on Air
Aerial predators such as owls and hawks are bad news for the Colorado skunks since their defense mechanism will be powerless against them. Some of the species that will attack them include the red-tailed hawk and the great horned owl. With their sharp claws and beaks, the skunks will be helpless against them. While most of the birds have an amazing sense of smell, these birds of prey will have weak sense of smell. These enable them to remain invulnerable from the spray of the skunks.

The Predators on the Ground
There are also carnivores living in the ground that will hunt skunks. While the number of animals that will attack the skunks is currently unknown, the dogs, coyotes, fox, and cougars are among them. Due to the awful stench of their spray these ground predators will only hunt skunks when there is a problem in the supply of food. This is due to the difficulty on launching a sneak attack to kill them without giving them the chance to release their spray.

The Self Defense of the Colorado Springs Skunk
The skunks can be found in different parts of the North America particularly in the northern part of Mexico, Canada, and the US. The predators usually have a keen sense of smell. They only need to encounter a single skunk in their life to understand that it is best to stay away from them. Since the skunks are known for their distinct stripes, predators will easily recognize them and will keep their distance. The predators will hunt them only as their final option. In case you are planning to use the predator’s urine to deter the skunk invasion, understand that the spray that it releases can easily overpower your repellent. Perhaps the best answer to end the invasion is to hire the service of the professionals. They are well-equipped with gears that will keep them safe from the threat of their spray. They also know how to keep these creatures calm, which will minimize the possibility that they will release their spray. These professionals have gone through an extensive training that enables them to tell if the skunk will be releasing the spray by watching their body movements. Call for their assistance in case you have a problem with skunk.