Important Tips when Using and Setting Up Colorado Springs Rat Traps

Rats are definitely one of the most unwelcomed mammals in the urban areas. However, they are known for being pervasive and will choose to live close to humans where they can enjoy accessible foods. Considering that the rats will love to invade our houses, the use of rat traps has already become an important household item. In case you are waging an ongoing battle with a rat, there are some tips that you can follow to increase the success of winning the war.

Important Tips That Will Help You Capture the Colorado Springs Rat
Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to catch the rat that is destroying your property. We will include all the necessary information

Choosing the Right Places
We often mention in our site how the placement of the trap can affect its efficacy. The Colorado Springs rats have the natural instinct to use the fence and the walls as their guide. This means that it will highly be unlikely for them to end in the center of your room. Placing the traps adjacent of the wall will make it more effective. In order to increase the likelihood of capturing the rat, you should place it in inconspicuous areas such as under the furniture or inside your closet.

Choose Bait Depending on Their Diet
The best bait to capture the attention of the rat will depend upon the rat species. Different types of rats will prefer different diets. Brown Colorado Springs rats are omnivores and will mostly prefer the taste of the pet food. Black rats on the other hand, are herbivores and will love to eat seeds and nuts. The black rats can also be tempted with peanut butter due to the sweet rate and greasy texture. Whether you want to capture a black or a brown rat, be sure that you have something that releases a powerful scent like cheese, fish, and nuts.

Teach Them to Interact With Traps
Compared to the mice that are curious, the Colorado Springs rats will usually be careful on anything new in their surroundings. This implies that it will be less possible for them to interact with your traps. You will have to encourage them to trust your traps to capture them. How are you going to do this? Simply place the trap in the area of infestation without activating it. Allow the rats to continue with their feeding habit for days. Once the rat has become accustomed to the sight of the trap, add bait on your trap again but this time, you will have to set-up the trigger. Lastly, you need to make sure that you are using the right kind of trap. The body of the rats has an average size of 10 inches. Be sure that the rats that you will choose will be able to withstand the strength of the rats. You also need to wear gloves to guarantee that your smell will not be transferred on the trap. The rate of capturing them will increase if there is an absence of human scent.

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