Causes of Colorado Spring Opossum Odor and Ways to Get Rid of the Smell

Different type of infestation can take various forms. You can be encountering a large nest of rodents to a small number of Colorado Springs opossum. While they may not have a destructive nature and will quickly escape instead of confronting you, there are instances when they can be a nuisance. For instance, they can produce that terrible smell in order to fake their death. Their droppings and urine will also make the stench in our house quite unbearable.

Different Causes of Colorado Springs Opossum Odor
Overtime, the smell of the opossum will be more pronounced especially if the infestation has been going on for quite some time. In this article we will discuss the common reasons why your house smells like an opossum.

• An Active Infestation- Usually, the opossum will choose to establish their den in areas where there are less human activities. However, once they choose the inconspicuous areas of your house, they can live there without being disturbed for months. The urine and the feces can accumulate that will produce that putrid smell. During the first few months, the smell of the droppings and their urine will not be obvious especially if you have a ventilation system in your attic.

• Dead opossum- If there is a dead opossum in your house, you will start smelling the scent of a decaying flesh. It will take months before the smell gradually dissipates especially for the larger type of opossum. The stain and flies can help you determine the source of the annoying odor. It would be easy to identify the location if you follow the trail of flies and the stain.

• Playing Dead Colorado Opossum- As aforementioned, the opossum will release a decaying scent when playing dead to convince the predator that they are indeed dead.

Eliminating the Odor of Opossum

In the event that the walls and the floors are not easily washable, a pump spray would be an excellent tool to clean the urine and the feces. After removing the dried droppings, scrub the surface using a brush. Remove all the water and open the windows and the door and allow it to air dry. If the odor is too powerful, you can use a bottle of Clorox mixed with a liquid detergent and water to eliminate the smell. You should just keep the room ventilated to avoid being suffocated by the fumes of the cleaning solution. Lysol would also be effective in eliminating the smell of the opossum. It will not only be successful in getting rid of the odor but it will also kill the germs.In case you do not have the time to clean and disinfect your house from the opossum infestation, be sure to hire the service of the professionals. They will ensure that all the pathogens that carry diseases will be killed thus keeping your house a safe place to live in. They also know the right cleaning solution to use to eliminate even the roundworms in the droppings of the creatures.

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